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Transforming EV Charging: Luobisen’s Advanced AC Adapters for Car

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The electric vehicle (EV) landscape is evolving, and with it, the demand for advanced, convenient, and reliable charging solutions. Luobisen, a pioneer in EV charging technology, is leading the charge with its advanced AC adapter for car that is designed to cater to the needs of the modern EV owner.

Versatility in Power Solutions

Luobisen’s Mode2 AC Portable Charger is a testament to our company’s commitment to versatility. This portable charging solution is designed to serve a variety of applications, making it suitable for use in residential areas, workplaces, commercial parking lots, retailers, and as a private portable charger. Whether our customers are looking to charge their EVs at home or on the go, our AC adapter for car delivers efficient power to a wide range of electric vehicles, ensuring that they can always stay on the move.

The benefits of Luobisen’s AC adapters for cars extend beyond their versatility. These adapters are engineered to provide efficient power delivery, with output power options of up to 22kW and output currents ranging from 6A to 32A. This wide selection ensures that our customers can choose an AC adapter that perfectly matches their EV’s charging requirements, allowing for faster and more efficient charging.

Smart Features for Modern Charging Needs

At Luobisen, we understand that modern EV charging goes beyond just power delivery. That’s why our AC adapter for car is equipped with smart features that cater to the needs of today’s EV owners. Our products include temperature detection and automatic repair capabilities, ensuring that any faults are quickly identified and resolved. Furthermore, our AC adapter for car comes with over-the-air upgradeability, allowing our customers to benefit from the latest charging advancements without the need for hardware replacements.

The design of Luobisen’s AC adapters reflects our commitment to user-friendliness and protection. With a high protection level of IP66, our adapters are built to withstand harsh conditions, providing our customers with peace of mind. The plug-and-charge functionality simplifies the charging process, allowing our customers to easily connect and start charging their EVs with minimal effort.

Specifications that Ensure Dependability

Luobisen’s AC adapters for cars are designed with dependability in mind. Our products offer a wide selection of output current and power options, ensuring that our customers can find an AC adapter that meets their specific charging needs. From our LAC-16A-S1M2EN model that delivers up to 7kW of power to our LAC-32A-T1M2EN model that offers up to 22kW, our AC chargers are built to provide reliable and efficient charging.

Our commitment to safety is evident in the comprehensive protection features built into our AC adapters. These include leakage protection, over-temperature protection, lightning protection, and over-voltage protection, among others. Moreover, our products adhere to international standards such as IEC 61851 and IEC/EN 62752, ensuring that our customers can charge their EVs with confidence.


In conclusion, Luobisen’s advanced AC adapters for car represent the future of convenient EV charging. With their versatility, smart features, and dependable specifications, our products are designed to meet the needs of today’s EV owners. As the world continues to embrace electric mobility, Luobisen is proud to provide our customers with AC adapters that are both reliable and user-friendly, setting a new benchmark in EV charging technology.

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