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English Speaking

+86 19537734941


Luobinsen offers comprehensive plans for electric vehicle charging solutions, encompassing charging piles, management software, and services. Our EV charge solutions include consultations, tailored solutions, technical support, seamless product installation, and dedicated after-sales maintenance. Our chargers seamlessly integrate into your existing business infrastructure, compatible with all EV models. Easily brandable and powered by intelligent software, our chargers are installed and serviced by certified professionals, ensuring a seamless and efficient electric car charging solution for your needs.


Safe and easy-to-use charging for private and lease cars.No need to rely on public charging stations, charg your car conveniently at home without queuning and high service fees.

Workplac & Retail

Offer your employees the comvenience of charging at workplace.Installing DC fast chargers at your business or workplace allows you to attract and retain top talent, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, and provide complimentary charging to your customers.


Build a sustainable business by electrifying your fleet.The DC fast and Super HVC chargers fulfill requirements of any fleet owner/operator seeking to reap the benefits of moving to EVs. Electric fleet owners and operators enjoy lower total cost of ownership, cheaper fueling costs, less maintenance, reduced environmental impact, and greater convenience with on-site DC fast charging.

Commercial Parking

For shopping malls, hotels, or supermarkets, installing charging stations in your commercial parking lot will attract more new energy car owners to come and consume. At the same time, charging can extend the customer’s stay time and increase the amount of consumption.

Network Operators

We will provide you with a complete cooperation plan of charging piles, charging management software, and services. Our services include website consultation, solution output, technical support, product installation, after-sales maintenance, etc.
Meanwhile,our chargers can integrate with your existing business. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, easy to brand, powered by intelligent software (or software of your choice), and installed and serviced by certified professionals.

We are ready to provide you with the best solution!

We are ready to provide you with the best solution, please contact us!

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