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The Evolution of Overhead EV Chargers: Luobinsen’s Innovations

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As the world embraces electric vehicles (EVs) and the demand for efficient charging solutions rises, Luobinsen is at the forefront of revolutionizing overhead EV chargers. With a dedication to safety, charging performance, and user experience, Luobinsen has introduced cutting-edge innovations that are shaping the future of EV charging.

Dual Fire Protection System: Ensuring Safety and Reliability

At Luobinsen, safety is a top priority. Our advanced dual fire protection system sets us apart from the competition, providing users with peace of mind during the charging process. This innovative system employs multiple layers of protection, including intelligent monitoring and rapid response mechanisms. By detecting potential fire hazards and taking immediate action, our dual fire protection system ensures the highest level of safety and reliability for EV owners.

Furthermore, our commitment to safety extends beyond the technology itself. Luobinsen adheres to rigorous quality control standards and regulatory requirements to ensure that every overhead EV charger featuring our dual fire protection system meets the highest safety benchmarks. This unwavering dedication to safety reflects our ongoing mission to prioritize the well-being of EV users and the communities in which they reside.

Constant Temperature Control System: Optimizing Charging Performance

Charging efficiency and battery health are essential factors in the EV charging experience. Luobinsen’s constant temperature control system is designed to optimize these aspects. By maintaining an optimal charging temperature, our chargers deliver efficient and effective charging, extending the lifespan of EV batteries. Whether in extreme weather conditions or high-demand scenarios, our constant temperature control system ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Pantograph Automatic Lifting with One-Button: Streamlining User Experience

Luobinsen understands the importance of user-friendly design and seamless operation. That’s why we have incorporated pantograph automatic lifting with one-button functionality into our overhead EV chargers. This innovative feature simplifies the charging process, making it accessible and convenient for EV owners. With just a press of a button, the pantograph automatically lifts, enabling effortless connection between the charger and the vehicle. This streamlined user experience enhances accessibility and ease of use in diverse EV charging scenarios.


In conclusion, Luobinsen’s commitment to safety, charging performance, and user experience has propelled the evolution of overhead EV chargers. Our dual fire protection system ensures safety and reliability, while the constant temperature control system optimizes charging efficiency and battery health. With pantograph automatic lifting and one-button functionality, we have revolutionized the user experience, making EV charging effortless and accessible. Trust Luobinsen for innovative solutions that shape the future of electric mobility.

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