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Power electric mobility with Luobinsen’s advanced pantograph chargers

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Welcome to the forefront of electric mobility innovation with Luobinsen! With a rich history dating back to 2008, Luobinsen has been spearheading the evolution of EV charging solutions, consistently delivering state-of-the-art products to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has led us to export our products to over 70 countries and regions, forging partnerships with more than 700 bus companies and establishing over 1000 charging stations worldwide.

Revolutionizing Fleet Charging: Luobinsen’s Pantograph Chargers

At the heart of Luobinsen’s product lineup lies the revolutionary Pantograph Chargers, engineered to redefine efficiency and sustainability in fleet charging solutions. These chargers represent the culmination of our extensive research and development efforts, offering unmatched performance and reliability to meet the demands of modern electric mobility.

Premium Features for Enhanced Performance and Safety

Luobinsen’s Pantograph Chargers are meticulously crafted from premium-grade materials, including 316L stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. We understand that safety is paramount in EV charging, which is why our chargers are equipped with advanced features such as dual fire protection, constant temperature control, and a robust backup power system. With these cutting-edge safeguards in place, customers can trust in the reliability and safety of Luobinsen’s chargers, providing peace of mind for both operators and users alike.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Applications

Recognizing that every customer’s needs are unique, Luobinsen offers customizable solutions tailored to various applications. Whether you’re a bus company looking to electrify your fleet, a network operator establishing a comprehensive charging infrastructure, or a fleet manager seeking efficient charging solutions, our Pantograph Chargers can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. With a wide range of power capacities and compatibility with various charging standards, including CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, and GBT, Luobinsen empowers you to power your electric fleet efficiently and effectively.


In conclusion, Luobinsen stands at the forefront of shaping the future of electric mobility. With our cutting-edge Pantograph Chargers leading the charge, we are driving the transition towards a cleaner, greener future. Whether you’re embarking on a journey to electrify your bus fleet, establish a network of charging stations, or manage a large-scale EV deployment, Luobinsen has the expertise and solutions to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to explore how Luobinsen’s OEM/ODM services can propel your electric mobility initiatives to new heights.

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