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Pioneering Efficiency: Luobisen’s All-In-One DC Fast Charging Solutions

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicle (EV) technology, the demand for efficient and reliable DC fast charging solutions is higher than ever. Luobisen, a trailblazer in the field, has taken the lead with its innovative All-In-One DC Fast Charger. This article explores how our company’s pioneering approach is setting new benchmarks in performance, user experience, and safety.

The Next Generation of Charging Technology

At Luobisen, we believe that the future of DC fast charging lies in innovation. That’s why we’ve developed a self-contained central control system that not only optimizes the charging process but also prioritizes safety. Our system’s intelligent design allows for a more efficient energy transfer, reducing charging times without compromising the quality of service.

Moreover, our All-In-One DC Charger is designed to be versatile. By supporting multiple charging standards, including GBT, CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO, our products can cater to a wide range of EVs. This multi-standard compatibility positions Luobisen as a leader in universal DC fast charging solutions, ensuring that our customers have access to reliable charging no matter their vehicle’s native charging protocol.

User Experience Meets Revenue Generation

A key aspect of our DC fast charging solutions is the focus on user experience. We’ve integrated a 15.6-inch high-definition touch screen into our HMI, providing customers with an intuitive and straightforward charging process. This large display not only enhances the interaction between the user and the charging station but also offers valuable real estate for advertising.

Our HMI’s advertising capabilities open up an additional revenue stream for our customers. By strategically placing advertisements on the touch screen, businesses can capitalize on the high foot traffic typically associated with EV charging stations. This dual benefit of HMI makes our DC fast chargers an attractive investment for businesses looking to maximize their return on investment.

Robust Construction and Unparalleled Safety Features

The physical construction of our DC fast chargers is as impressive as their functionality. We’ve chosen aluminum and zinc-clad materials for our cabinetry, ensuring that our products are not only durable but also suitable for outdoor use. With a mechanical strength rating of IK10 and an outdoor protection level of IP55, our chargers are built to withstand the elements.

Safety is at the forefront of our design philosophy. Our All-In-One DC Charger comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features. From short circuit and over/under voltage protection to current limit and overheat protection, we’ve got our customers covered. We’ve also included a charging gun temperature monitoring system and a Pt1000 temperature sensor within the cabinet, providing an extra layer of safety.

In the event of any tilt or water immersion, our chargers are designed to immediately cease operations. This immediate response to potential hazards ensures that our customers can charge their EVs with peace of mind.


In conclusion, Luobisen’s All-In-One DC Fast Charger represents the next generation of DC fast charging technology. With a focus on innovation, user experience, and safety, our products are designed to meet the needs of today’s EV drivers and businesses. As the demand for efficient and reliable DC fast charging solutions continues to grow, Luobisen stands at the forefront, pioneering a more efficient and safer future for all.

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