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Luobinsen’s Group Charger: Redefining Level 3 EV Charging Excellence

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Welcome to the world of Luobinsen, where innovation meets electric vehicle charging. As a leading brand in the industry, we are excited to introduce our Level 3 EV charger, the Group Charger. With advanced features like a 200~1000V super wide output voltage range and flexible dispensing options, Luobinsen is revolutionizing how we charge electric vehicles. Prepare to experience dynamic power distribution and unparalleled efficiency with our Group Charger.

Unmatched Compatibility and Versatility

Luobinsen’s Group Charger offers an impressive 200~1000V super wide output voltage range, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of electric vehicle models. Whether you own a popular electric car brand or a niche model, our charger can accommodate your charging needs. Experience the freedom to charge your vehicle efficiently no matter the make or model, making Luobinsen the go-to choice for seamless compatibility.

Flexibility for Every Situation

At Luobinsen, we understand that different charging requirements call for flexibility. That’s why our Group Charger allows users to select between normal or super-fast dispensing options. Need a quick boost? Opt for the super-fast dispenser. Planning for a longer stay? Select the normal dispenser to ensure a steady and reliable charge. The power to choose is in your hands, providing you with the ultimate flexibility for your charging needs.

Enhancing Efficiency through Dynamic Power Distribution

Luobinsen’s Group Charger takes charging efficiency to new heights with dynamic power distribution. Our charger intelligently distributes power to maximize efficiency, ensuring that each connected electric vehicle receives the necessary energy without wasting excess power. By optimizing energy flow, we accelerate charging times and reduce energy consumption, allowing you to power up your vehicles in the most efficient way possible.


With Luobinsen’s Group Charger, Level 3 EV charging has reached a new level of excellence. Our charger’s 200~1000V super wide output voltage range provides unmatched compatibility, offering a charging solution for a wide range of electric vehicle models. The flexible dispenser options cater to your specific charging needs, whether you need a quick charge or a more extended session. Our dynamic power distribution feature also ensures maximum efficiency, reducing charging times and optimizing energy consumption.

Experience the future of Level 3 EV charging with Luobinsen. Upgrade your charging infrastructure today with our Group Charger and unlock the power of versatility, compatibility, and efficiency. Trust Luobinsen to take your electric vehicle charging experience to the next level, setting new standards in the industry. Embrace the innovation and convenience that Luobinsen brings as we shape the future of sustainable transportation together.

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