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The Pinnacle of Charging Technology: Luobisen’s DC EV Chargers

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Luobisen, a name synonymous with innovation and efficiency in the EV charging industry, is redefining fast charging with its advanced DC EV chargers. Our company’s commitment to excellence is evident in the features and capabilities of our products, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of the modern electric vehicle market.

Powering Up with Luobisen’s Group Chargers

Luobisen’s group chargers are a testament to our company’s dedication to versatility and efficiency. With a super wide output voltage range of 200~1000V, our dc ev chargers can accommodate a variety of EV models, making them suitable for a wide range of charging applications. This extensive voltage range ensures that our customers can power up their EVs quickly and reliably.

The dynamic power distribution feature of Luobisen’s group chargers further enhances charging efficiency. By intelligently allocating power to different charging dispensers, our products can optimize charging speed and minimize wait times for users. This innovative approach to power distribution sets our dc ev chargers apart in the market.

Super High Power Chargers for Demanding Applications

For customers with high-power charging needs, Luobisen offers super high power chargers that deliver up to 600kW of power. Our liquid cooling connector, which supports a maximum output current of 600A, ensures that our chargers can handle the most demanding charging requirements. This makes our dc ev chargers ideal for commercial parking lots, fleets, highways, and public charging stations.

Our high power range of 240kW to 600kW is designed to support the extensive needs of various charging scenarios. Whether it’s a busy highway charging station or a commercial fleet, our dc ev chargers have the power to keep EVs moving.

User-Centric Innovations and Safety Standards

At Luobisen, we prioritize user experience and safety in all our products. Our dc ev chargers feature a 15.6” high brightness TFT touch screen display, which provides an intuitive interface for users. This advanced HMI not only enhances the charging process but also offers opportunities for advertising, creating an additional revenue stream for our customers.

Safety is paramount in our dc ev chargers. Our products are equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features, including leakage protection, insulation protection, short circuit protection, over/under voltage protection, and over current protection. These safeguards ensure that our customers can charge their EVs with peace of mind.

Furthermore, our dc ev chargers adhere to stringent international standards, including IEC61851, IEC62196, and ISO15118/DIN70121. This commitment to safety and regulation excellence underscores our company’s dedication to providing reliable and secure charging solutions.


In conclusion, Luobisen’s DC EV chargers represent the pinnacle of charging technology. With their super wide voltage range, dynamic power distribution, high power output, user-centric innovations, and adherence to safety standards, our products are setting a new benchmark for fast charging in the EV era. As the world continues to embrace electric mobility, trust Luobisen to power your journey with our advanced and reliable dc ev chargers.

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