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Luobisen DC Chargers: Setting New Standards for EV Fast Charging

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In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging, Luobisen has emerged as a trailblazer, setting new standards for efficiency, versatility, and safety with our DC EV chargers. Our company is dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers and the demands of modern EV charging.

The Versatility of Luobisen’s DC EV Chargers

Luobisen’s DC EV chargers are designed with versatility in mind, offering flexible dispenser options to cater to different charging requirements. Our products come with the choice between normal and super fast dispensers, allowing our customers to select the most suitable option for their EVs and charging needs. This flexibility makes our dc ev chargers ideal for a variety of applications, from residential charging to high-demand commercial and highway charging stations.

Furthermore, our chargers cover an extensive power range of 240kW to 600kW, ensuring that there is a Luobisen dc ev charger to suit every need. Whether our customers require a charger for daily use or a high-power solution for rapid charging, our products are equipped to deliver.

Advanced Technologies in Luobisen’s Charging Solutions

At the heart of Luobisen’s charging solutions lies advanced technology. Our DC EV chargers integrate multifunctional TCU and central controllers, which are instrumental in managing charging records and data processing. With 2GB of memory and a local 5G hard drive, our products can maintain over 30,000 charging records and over six months of operation records, providing our customers with efficient and reliable charging solutions.

Luobisen’s commitment to innovation extends to our network connection capabilities and platform interface. Our dc ev chargers support multiple network communication methods, including Ethernet, 4G, and WiFi, ensuring seamless integration with modern charging infrastructure. The OCPP 1.6J platform interface, which is upgradable to OCPP 2.0, further enhances the connectivity and communication capabilities of our products.

Robust Construction and Industry-Leading Safety

Durability and robustness are key features of Luobisen’s DC EV chargers. Our products are built with a robust cabinet design, featuring aluminum and zinc-clad materials that provide mechanical strength and resistance to outdoor weather conditions. This durable design, coupled with independent air ducts for effective heat dissipation, makes our dc ev chargers suitable for installation in a wide range of environments.

Safety is of paramount importance at Luobisen, and our DC EV chargers are equipped with comprehensive safety features. Our products include leakage protection, insulation protection, short circuit protection, over/under voltage protection, and over current protection. These safeguards are designed to protect both the users and the EVs during the charging process, ensuring a safe and secure charging experience.


In conclusion, Luobisen DC Chargers are setting new standards in the EV fast charging industry. With their versatility, advanced technologies, robust construction, and industry-leading safety features, our products are designed to meet the needs of today’s EV drivers and the challenges of tomorrow. As the world transitions to electric mobility, Luobisen is proud to be at the forefront, powering the electric revolution with our innovative and reliable DC EV chargers

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