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Luobisen DC Chargers: Pioneering Speed and Efficiency in EV Fast Charging

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As the electric vehicle (EV) market surges forward, the demand for fast, efficient, and reliable charging solutions intensifies. Luobisen DC chargers are at the forefront of this revolution, setting the pace for what the future of EV charging should be.

Unmatched Power Solutions for EV Charging

Luobisen’s DC EV chargers are an all-in-one charging powerhouse, offering a high power selection range from 60kW to 200kW and a wide voltage output range of DC200-1000V. This ensures that our customers, whether personal users or fleet operators, can find a dc ev charger that suits their unique charging demands. Our company’s dedication to future-proof charging technology is evident in our self-developed central control system, which not only optimizes the charging process for speed but also prioritizes safety with comprehensive protection features.

Smart Charging Made Simple with Luobisen

At Luobisen, we believe that smart charging should be simple and accessible. Our DC chargers are equipped with a multifunctional TCU and central controller that boasts 2GB of memory and a local 5G hard drive. This powerful setup allows for faster data processing capabilities and the maintenance of over 30,000 charging records, providing our customers with a seamless and efficient charging experience. Moreover, our dc ev chargers come with a user-friendly interface, a 15.6-inch touch screen that makes managing charging sessions intuitive. We also offer multi-language support, ensuring that our products are accessible to customers worldwide.

Built to Last with Luobisen’s DC EV Chargers

Durability and reliability are at the core of Luobisen’s DC ev charger design. Our chargers feature an aluminum and zinc-clad cabinet material with a mechanical strength rating of IK10 and an outdoor protection level of IP55. This robust construction, combined with independent air ducts for effective heat dissipation, makes our products suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

Safety is never compromised in our dc ev chargers. We have integrated multiple safety features, including short circuit protection, over/under voltage protection, and lightning protection. The charging gun is equipped with temperature monitoring protection, and a Pt1000 temperature sensor is installed within the cabinet for added safety. Furthermore, our chargers have a tilt angle protection function that immediately stops charging if the cabinet body tilts more than 30 degrees, and a water immersion protection function that activates if the internal water immersion of the cabinet body exceeds 30CM.


In conclusion, Luobisen DC chargers are designed to exceed expectations in speed, efficiency, and safety. Our company is committed to providing our customers with dc ev chargers that are not just powerful but also smart, durable, and safe. As the world transitions to electric mobility, trust Luobisen to power your journey with our innovative and reliable charging solutions.

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