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 Luobinsen: Unleashing Power and Safety with our All-In-One EV DC Fast Charger

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Experience the following electric vehicle (EV) charging level with Luobinsen‘s cutting-edge technology. As a leading provider of EV DC fast chargers, our brand is committed to revolutionizing the charging experience for individuals, commercial businesses, fleets, and operators. Introducing our All-In-One DC Charger (300kW), Luobinsen is setting new industry standards for efficiency, power, and safety.

Unmatched Efficiency and Safety with the Complete New Central Control System

At Luobinsen, we take pride in our self-developed central control system, which powers our All-In-One DC Charger. This innovative system provides a more efficient charging function, allowing for faster charging times and minimized wait times. Additionally, it offers comprehensive safety protection features, giving both users and operators peace of mind during every charging session. With Luobinsen, you can trust that your EV will receive the best charging experience possible.

Versatile Charging Capabilities for Every EV and Operator

Our All-In-One DC Charger boasts impressive features to cater to various charging needs. With a wide voltage output range of DC200-1000V and a high power selection range of 60kW-360kW, our chargers can adapt to different EV models and power requirements. Furthermore, our chargers support multiple standard charging modes, including GBT, CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of EVs. Whether you are an individual seeking a personal charging solution or an operator managing a fleet, Luobinsen has the perfect charger to fit your needs.

Advanced Safety Measures for Optimal Charging Protection

Safety is our top priority at Luobinsen, and our All-In-One DC Charger is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a secure charging experience. Our chargers come with tilt angle protection, immediately stopping charging if the cabinet body tilts more than 30 degrees. This prevents any potential accidents or damage. Additionally, we have incorporated water immersion protection, where charging immediately stops if the internal water immersion of the cabinet body exceeds a height of 30CM. Furthermore, our charging gun temperature monitoring protection, along with the installation of a Pt1000 temperature sensor in the cabinet, adds an extra layer of protection against overheating.


Luobinsen’s All-In-One DC Charger is raising the bar for EV charging solutions. With its advanced central control system, vast voltage output, extensive power selection, and multiple standard charging modes, our chargers cater to diverse EV models and operator needs. Safety is paramount, and our chargers offer tilt angle protection, water immersion protection, and temperature monitoring features for optimal charging protection. Join the charging revolution with Luobinsen and experience the power and safety of our All-In-One DC Charger today.

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