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Integrated Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions by Luobinsen

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In terms of offering integrated electric vehicle charging solutions, Luobinsen is leading the way as the globe embraces the transportation of the future. Luobinsen focuses on home, office, retail, and fleet environments and provides extensive and creative charging solutions to meet the various demands of both consumers and companies. Find out how Luobinsen may help you advance your sustainability initiatives while enabling a smooth transition to electric mobility.

Commercial Parking Charging Solutions

Luobinsen understands the importance of attracting new energy car owners to commercial establishments. By installing charging stations in your parking lots, you can create a welcoming environment for electric vehicle drivers. Our charging solutions not only attract customers but also increase their consumption and prolong their stay. With Luobinsen’s expertise, you can transform your commercial parking space into a hub for electric vehicle users, enhancing your business’s appeal and environmental footprint.

Network Operators Solutions

For businesses or organizations operating charging networks, Luobinsen offers a complete cooperation plan for charging infrastructure. Our comprehensive package includes charging management software, services, and integration with your existing business operations. With Luobinsen, you can streamline your charging network, monitor usage, and provide a seamless experience for your customers. Our cutting-edge technology and dedicated support ensure that your charging infrastructure operates efficiently and satisfies the needs of electric vehicle users.

Residential, Workplace & Retail, and Fleet Charging Solutions

Luobinsen recognizes the importance of convenient and reliable charging solutions for different environments. Our residential charging solutions enable safe and easy charging for private and lease cars, eliminating the reliance on public charging stations. In the workplace and retail sectors, Luobinsen’s charging solutions offer employee convenience and attract top talent. By providing charging infrastructure at your business or workplace, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and meet the growing expectations of customers and employees alike. Additionally, our fleet charging solutions empower businesses to electrify their fleets, resulting in lower total cost of ownership, reduced environmental impact, and greater convenience with on-site DC fast charging.


Luobinsen is your trusted partner in the realm of integrated electric vehicle charging solutions. Our expertise spans across residential, workplace, retail, and fleet settings, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. With our commercial parking charging solutions, network operator solutions, and comprehensive offerings for residential, workplace & retail, and fleet sectors, Luobinsen empowers businesses and individuals to embrace electric mobility seamlessly. Take the first step towards a sustainable future with Luobinsen’s reliable, efficient, and integrated charging solutions.

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