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Electrify Your Fleet with Luobinsen’s Comprehensive Charging Solutions

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At Luobinsen, we take pride in being a leading provider of electric car charging solutions. Our brand, Luobinsen, offers comprehensive plans for electric vehicle charging solutions that encompass charging piles, management software, and services. With our tailored EV charge solutions, including consultations, technical support, seamless product installation, and dedicated after-sales maintenance, we ensure a seamless and efficient electric car charging solution for your business. Our chargers seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure and are compatible with all EV models. Powered by intelligent software, our easily brandable chargers are installed and serviced by certified professionals, providing a reliable and future-proof solution for your needs.

Empowering Electric Fleets

Luobinsen understands the importance of building a sustainable business by electrifying your fleet. Our DC fast and Super HVC chargers fulfill the requirements of any fleet owner or operator seeking to reap the benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles. By electrifying your fleet, you can enjoy lower total cost of ownership, cheaper fueling costs, reduced maintenance, and a smaller environmental impact. With on-site DC fast charging, you can offer greater convenience to your fleet, ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Lower Cost, Greater Savings

Transitioning to electric vehicles brings significant financial benefits, and Luobinsen is here to support you along the way. With our comprehensive charging solutions, you can take advantage of lower operating costs and reduced fueling expenses. By eliminating the dependence on traditional fuel sources, you can experience substantial savings in the long run. Additionally, our technical support ensures that your charging infrastructure remains efficient, reducing potential downtime and maximizing savings.

Environmental Stewardship

By embracing Luobinsen’s electric car charging solutions for your fleet, you contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Electric fleets have a significantly lower carbon footprint than gasoline or diesel. By reducing emissions, you actively participate in combating climate change and preserving the planet for future generations. Join us in driving towards a sustainable future by electrifying your fleet with Luobinsen’s charging solutions.


Embrace the future of sustainable transportation and drive your business forward with Luobinsen’s comprehensive electric car charging solutions. Our brand offers a range of charging piles, management software, and services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are looking to charge individual EVs or electrify an entire fleet, Luobinsen has you covered. With our seamless product installation, technical support, and dedicated after-sales maintenance, you can trust us to deliver a reliable and efficient charging solution. Let’s build a sustainable future by electrifying your fleet with Luobinsen’s charging solutions.

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