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Revolutionize Group Charging with Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger

Luobinsen, a prominent provider of EV charging infrastructure, introduces our groundbreaking DC EV Charger, designed specifically for group charging scenarios. With its super wide output voltage range, flexible dispenser options, and dynamic power distribution, Luobinsen’s charger is improving the way businesses approach EV charging.

Super Wide Output Voltage Range

Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger offers a remarkable output voltage range of 200~1000V, making it compatible with a wide variety of electric vehicle models. This flexibility ensures that drivers can conveniently charge their vehicles regardless of their specific voltage requirements. Whether it’s a fleet of vehicles with varying voltage levels or a diverse range of EV models, Luobinsen’s charger provides a versatile charging solution that caters to different needs.

Flexible Dispenser Options and Super Wide Power Range

Luobinsen understands that different charging scenarios call for different charging speeds. With our EV DC Charger, businesses have the flexibility to choose between normal and super-fast dispensers. This adaptability allows charging providers to cater to various user requirements, whether it’s a quick top-up for a time-sensitive situation or a longer, more comprehensive charging session. By offering both options, Luobinsen’s charger ensures that EV owners have the freedom to charge their vehicles according to their specific needs.

Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger boasts an impressive power range of 240kW to 600kW, enabling rapid charging for electric vehicles. This high-powered charging capability significantly reduces charging time, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime. Whether it’s a busy fleet charging station or a public charging location, Luobinsen’s charger ensures that EVs can quickly recharge, allowing for uninterrupted operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Power Distribution for Enhanced Efficiency

Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger incorporates dynamic power distribution technology, optimizing charging efficiency in group charging scenarios. This intelligent system intelligently allocates power to each connected vehicle, ensuring that charging sessions are balanced and efficient. By dynamically distributing power, Luobinsen’s charger prevents overloading and minimizes energy waste, resulting in a more sustainable and cost-effective charging operation.

Benefits of Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger

Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger offers a range of benefits for businesses and charging providers. The super-wide output voltage range ensures compatibility with various EV models, while the availability of both normal and liquid cooling dispensers caters to different charging needs. The high-powered charging capability and dynamic power distribution enhance charging efficiency, allowing faster and more balanced charging sessions.


Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger is at the forefront of the EV charging revolution. With its super wide output voltage range, flexible dispenser options, and dynamic power distribution, this charger offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for group charging scenarios. Embrace the future of EV charging with Luobinsen and provide your customers with a seamless, reliable, and high-powered charging experience. Invest in Luobinsen’s EV DC Charger today and be a driving force in shaping the future of electric mobility.

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