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Go out to the world, Luobinsen in Brusselsexhibition

BUSWORLD Kortrijk, a biennial world bus expo, was held at the Brussels exhibition centre in Belgian from 18th to 23rd October. Founded in 1971, the exhibition has a history of 46 years. It is currently the largest and oldest professional bus exhibition in the world, and the vane of the world’s bus development trend. With the rise of Chinese buses around the world, “made in China” has also become an indispensable part of BUSWORLD Kortrijk.

As one of the first Chinese charging equipment manufacturers certified by EU CE and IEC, Luobinsen was invited to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, there are 376 exhibitors from 33 countries and regions, including more than 70 vehicle manufacturers such as Benz, Scania, BYD, KingLong, GoldenDragon, Higer and CRRC, attracting 34,241 spectators from 118 countries and regions around the world.

The exhibition connects the world bus manufacturing and application industries, giving bus manufacturers, supporting suppliers and bus users a chance to fully understand the trend of bus manufacturing and application, and also to guide the continuous development of new technologies and new trends in buses on a global scale.

As one of the earliest companies committed to the manufacturing of new energy vehicle charging equipment in China, Dalian Luobinsen has been focusing on the innovation and upgrading of product technology since 2008. With reliable product quality and after-sales service, Luobinsen charger has been well received by overseas customers and exported to 30 countries and regions overseas. This time two products were brought across the ocean to this exhibition, intelligent charging pile and integrated charger.

The intelligent charging pile adopts the concept of industrialized design and minimalist style, with simple and elegant appearance. It not only guarantees user experience and improves charging efficiency, but also improves product level and attracts many visitors. The intelligent distribution mode can save resources and shorten the charging time for customers, and is the preferred product type for bus users and operators.

The integrated charger, with output power coverage of 60kW~240kW, is Luobinsen’s best-selling main product. The self-developed TCU controller upgrades the product performance and can meet the demand of all customers for fast charging.

Due to the huge volume of the rack type charger, no prototype was brought in this exhibition, but the professional promotional videos of rack type charger made customers understand its advantages and structure. Strong safety protection technology and performance have been praised by customers – “made in China” excellent! The rack type charger has been successfully applied in the Moscow public transport project for two consecutive years and is the first choice of overseas users with high-quality requirements.

At the exhibition, Luobinsen attracted many visitors from Europe, America and other countries to stop and consult, and they showed great interest in Luobinsen’s various types of products.

As an important market for high-end buses, Europe has always been a must for European and American bus manufacturers. Because the passenger vehicles in European cities are mainly diesel vehicles with long mileage and large fuel consumption, it is one of the main sources of urban air pollution. Promoting energy-saving and new energy buses has become one of the most effective ways to save energy and improve air quality in large and medium-sized cities. Pure electric buses with zero pollution and emission have also become one of the important choices to improve air quality in the European market. According to the regulations of the European commission, buses and passenger buses in all EU countries must be replaced by 2020. In order to meet the emission reduction standards set by the European Union, various manufacturers have focused on the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction. Pure electric buses and charging equipment for electric vehicles made in China have attracted the attention of European countries.

Entering the European highlands and occupying the global market has always been the “Chinese dream” of Chinese enterprises. Europe is the birthplace of bus industry and the highland of global automobile technology. As a result, the European market has always been the highest measure of brand internationalization, and most of the world-class brands were born here. The European market is a must for homework while “made in China” want to go global and become a world-class brand. Luobinsen will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, with excellent and reliable product quality and manufacturing process to show the world the powerful energy of Chinese manufacturing!

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